In a few minutes, our systems can be mounted on a drone, on an airplane, on a car, on a railway transport, on a ship, or in a backpack. The developed platform allows you to assemble an inexpensive entry-level system with inexpensive LIDAR (for example, Velodyne VLP16), GNSS modules (for example, Piksi Multi), IMU, 360 CAMERAS so that you can start working today, and later easily change individual devices to higher devices class up to the top and expensive high-precision solutions (Novatel, Z + F Profiler, Applanix). The developed software [for management and data collection] has a [common for all devices] web interface and is accessible from any devices. The result of our systems is a ready-made point cloud immediately in the LAS file! The raw data is also available to you and your post-processing software. We allow to improve the system to the increasing requirements and different equipment without the need to change the usual mode of operation, no need to switch to different software solutions from different manufacturers.